The cutest little(simple) tank

So with summer finally here I wanted to share with y’all a really easy tank that I love wearing with causal outfits on a hot summer day!

This tank is something everyone needs on a hot summer day! It is so light weight, such a easy color to pair with things, and is only $10! I got this tank at Old Navy (which is definitely one of my all time favorite stores to shop from!) Old Navy has so many really cute and really simple tanks that are just so easy to throw on with anything! This tank comes in so many colors as well!

For jewelry with this outfit I paired it with my all time favorite necklace from Kendra Scott! This necklace is literally the best necklace ever!(I know I say that all of the time) but it is literally the definition of the perfect necklace that every girl needs!

Tank(right now Old Navy is having 20% off your whole purchase!), Jeans, Necklace, shoes I’ve had for years so they aren’t still in store

Hope y’all enjoy!




White on White with a twist

This is seriously one of the cutest outfits for a cooler summer day! It is so easy to just take off the little button up when it is warmer and easy to put on the little bottom up when it is cooler outside!

This is something I am gonna be wearing all summer long! I love the little off the shoulder trend and this shirt is one of favorite off the shoulder shirts that I have! I love how light weight it is and how easy it is to put on with anything!

I think this is the cutest little comb for the summer! This bottom up is actually from Old Navy and is so cute! I love wearing this when you need a little something to cover your arm for a cooler summer day!

My shirt is from Red Dress Boutique and it is seriously one of the cutest shirts I have! It is so easy to just grab and go when you don’t wanna spend a ton of time picking out a outfit but still wanna look really cute! Red Dress is seriously one of my all time favorite boutiques! They always have the cutest thing that are such amazing quality!

My shoes I actually got from Kohl’s and I wear them ALL THE TIME! They are a shoe that literally go with anything and everything in the summer!

For jewelry I am wearing my Kendra Scott necklace that I literally wear with everything! This is the perfect necklace that every girl needs in there closet! They have so many different stone colors!(and I want them all!🤣😁😋)

Hope y’all enjoy!



My Month Long Trip

Now a month…. that’s really long you would say right? But we are going for a month because I am going home!!!!

I am from South Carolina and my parents are from Maryland(and moved to SC when I was a baby) when we moved to Washington it was something that was really hard to do because all of my BEST friends and all my family lives there! And my grandparents live in Maryland and it was very hard to move away from them.(cause I am very close to my grandparents)

We go to South Carolina and Maryland every year in the summer to see all of my family and BEST friends! We do fun things that we can’t always do when we are in Washington! And do so many things that are stuff you can’t do anywhere else but home.

Home is just one of those places that you never wanna leave, and that is exactly what I feel when I am there! It feels like home(cause it is haha):)

Hope y’all enjoy!



The Parade

It’s almost summer!

So as y’all know I do cheer for my high school and a requirement for being on the team means we have to be in our community parade.

Today the parade was very interesting…. 10 minutes before we went on it started raining cats and dogs!!! We had stunts, jumps, and cheers prepared that we couldn’t do cause the ground was soaked! It was a big hassle to change everything cause we were going to have judges there to see how we were progressing. It was a little stressful but the team pulled it together and pulled it off.

It was a funny experience with my best friends. And a parade that I will never forget(I have 2 more to go after this year! Yayy😂😁)

Hope y’all enjoyed!



The best summer purse!

I’m so ready for school to end and for summer to start! I’ve been counting down the days for the past month! And ready for my biggest dream to come true! Summer!

Today the purse I’m sharing goes with everything and adds the best little pop of color! This purse is the PERFECT summer purse cause it’s easy to carry around and it is really small so while you are walking around town you can have something to carry that isn’t bugging you!

I’m gonna show y’all a couple of different outfits that I styled this purse with that is a little bit fancier and also a little more causal. I got this purse at Marshall’s and I love it! Marshall’s has so many other adorable summer purse options too!

Top , Bottoms , Shoes , Earrings

I got this shirt at Hollister in the mall, Skirt , Shoes

Hope y’all enjoy!



June playlist!

I love listening to music! And the more y’all get to know me the more you’ll know that I absolutely LOVE country music! I just love everything about it and I love all of the singers! Some of my favorites are Luke Bryan(he is my absolute favorite!), Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood, and many more! I am so exited to share with you guys my favorite songs for this month so far!

I LOVE Luke Bryan’s new album!(I am going to his concert and I am so exited!) it is probably one of my favorite albums that I have ever heard from him!

Hope y’all enjoy!



My favorite Accessories!

I love picking what accessories go with each outfit I am wearing that day! I love picking the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anything else I think would go perfect with the outfit I’m wearing! Some of my top 5 favorite accessories that I normally are more drawn toward to go with each outfit is what I’m gonna share with y’all today! I love going for the little dainty necklaces and more of a statement earring! And some days it is the complete opposite! But it just depends on what I am wearing that day!

My top 5 things are…

1. My Kendra Scott necklace! I think this necklace literally goes perfect with absolutely anything that you wear! It just adds to the outfit you are wearing! It’s really small and dainty but adds a pop of color to the whole outfit! These necklaces come in so many different colors that are great for styling! (Kendra Scott necklaces! I have the white mother of pearl and I wear it almost everyday!)

Here’s a close up of a way that I have worn it! I will show y’all a couple of different ways I have with a couple of different outfits!

2. My gold hoop earrings! I love these earrings so much! I just recently got them and I wear them almost everyday!(you can go check my OOTDs to see a couple of ways I have worn them!) I just think they are the perfect addition to the cutest little outfits that anyone wears! I got these from Red Dress Boutique for only $16!(I was looking to get them at Sheila Fajl but they were $60! And these are exactly the same thing just $44 less!) Red dress boutique ( the ones I currently have are out of stock so you will have to sign up for the waitlist. But they have so many other really cute and adorable options!)

3. My Kendra Scott earrings! I love wearing these earrings for a bit more of a statement earring and not as much of a statement necklace! I think these are so cute and so much fun to wear! They are literally exactly like the necklaces just in earring form! Kendra Scott Earrings (again I got the white mother of pearl! I just attract more towards the color white just because it goes with everything that u wear!)

I wore them with this outfit and they were the PERFECT addition to this adorable little outfit!

4. My new Sugarfix earrings that I got at target! I love these earrings so much especially because they are nothing like I have in my earrings collection! They are something that I wouldn’t normally buy but they are just so cute that I had to get them! They are perfect to go with a great causal outfit or you could dress them up with anything!

I wore these with this ADORABLE little causal outfit! (And again I’m wearing the Kendra Scott necklace!)

5. My Pura Vida bracelets! I wear these bracelets everyday, and never take them off because they go with everything and are the perfect little arm accessory! These bracelets have so many different designs and so many different colors that they are just perfect to match with any outfit you could ever wear! Pura Vida Bracelet (I am signed up for the monthly club which I love! Which means every month I get a different 3 set of bracelets for only $14.95 a month!)

(I wore them with this outfit they were just on the other arm😋 but they are so cute and just add a great pop of color!)